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Floor Safes

Floor safes comprise an excellent first line of defense — the affordable alternative to larger free standing safes. Ideal for important documents, semi-precious valuables, and petty cash holdings, floor safes offer excellent U.L. Rated burglary resistance, and when properly installed in concrete, solid fire protection.

Floor safes are easily installed and concealed and are ideally suited for home and light-commerical or small retailer applications. They provide excellent protection against:

  • drill attacks
  • forced entry
  • sledge hammers

Allied offers floor safes in both square and tubular configurations. Assorted accessories make customizing your floor safe easy and fast. A square box floor safe equipped with a 3/4" lift out door can provide an impressive "MAJOR C" U.L. Burglary Resistance rating! Choose from several lock configurations including:

  • door deposit slot
  • deposit chute
  • keylocking dial
  • electronic keypad lock
  • and more!

Allied professionals will work with you to ensure your floor safe choice will provide you with the level of protection you need. Our professionals can assist you through any phase of your decision or installation process. For added convenience, click below to request more information online. An Allied Security Consultant will promptly follow-up your inquiry..

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Online Brochures (PDFs):
AMSEC 2005 Safe Catalog (4MB)
AMSEC Floor Safes (4MB)
AMSEC RV Floor Safes (5MB)

What our customers say:

"Your firm has consistently met our needs with innovative solutions. Allied Security and it's employees should be applauded for exemplary service and commitment to customer satisfaction."

Lewis Rumpler
Vice President/CFO
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Small Retailer?
Cash on-hand < $10K?
Consider a Square Box
w/ 3/4" Door: Select

Customize your safe with:

  • locks
  • shelves
  • racks
  • trays
  • drawers

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