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General Safe Questions
Are safes fireproof, waterproof, or burglarproof?
Can I bolt my safe to the floor or ground?
What is the difference between the safes Allied sells and the safes sold at the large hardware stores?
Does a safe need maintenance?
What if I need service on my safe?

Fire Rated Safes
Can I store computer diskettes in a standard fire safe?
Can I place photos and negatives in a fire safe?
Can I place paper money (cash) in a fire rated safe?

Burglary Rated Safes
Will a burglary rated safe protect my contents from fire damage?

Combinations and Locks
What if the batteries go dead in an electric lock?
Is an electronic lock less secure than a standard combination lock?
Can I change my safe combination?
What happens if I forget the safe combination?

What is the warranty on my safe?

Shipping, Installation, and Payment
Is freight and/or installation included in the price?
How will my safe be shipped?
How can I get my safe installed?
What payment methods do you accept?
What are your terms of payment?


What our customers say:

Years ago, Sterling was in the market for a company to take care of our security needs. On recommendation from another bank's security officer, Allied Security was selected and has more than lived up to their reputation of being second to none when it comes to equipment value, personal attention, and exceptional service. For anyone seeking a "security partner," I enthusiastically recommend Allied."

William "Bill" Zuppe
Sterling Savings Bank