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Fire-resistant Filing Cabinets

Fire resistant filing systems provide both excellent fire protection and organization for your most vital documents. These systems offer the ultimate records protection money can buy.

What's the number one benefit? Inexpensive peace of mind.

Peace of mind and easy document storage flexibility — trays, drawers, lateral file systems... What do you want to store? Cheques, certificates, deeds... ?

From certificates to index cards, Allied can customize a filing cabinet to suit your needs.

Our files carry Underwriter Laboratories one-hour fire rating.Many models are also U.L. impact rated.

Fire resistant file cabinets are available with a couple of different lock options — key or combination, offering you very baseline theft deterrence. For true theft deterrence, ask an Allied Professional about our complete line of burglar and fire resistant safes.

Are your records on floppy diskette, CD-ROM, film, or other media? These kinds of media may not burn while inside a fire-resistant file cabinet, but they can melt! Ask about media coolers ... terrific inserts for your filing cabinet that will keep your digital media safe.

Allied Safe professionals can assist you in determining what kind of protection will suit you best. To obtain more information about fire resistive products call us today or click the link provided below to request more information. An Allied Safe professional will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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Buying/Owning Tip:

Do not “spin” the safe dial to lock the safe. Over time this causes problems and may lock you out of your safe. To lock your safe, gently turn the combination dial left approximately 3-4 times.

Customize your fire or media safe with:

  • locks
  • racks
  • trays
  • drawers