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Fire Resistant Safes

Each year, fires are directly responsible for billions of dollars in property damage and hundreds of lost lives. Although fire safes are in no way a deterrent to fire, a quality fire safe can at least provide protection for your important non-negotiable documents, and pictures.

Fire safes are designed and built to be resistive to fire. U.L. testing carries three basic resistive ratings:

  • 1 hour
  • 2 hour
  • 2 hour plus impact

For the majority of fires, one or two hour safes provide excellent protection. Following the the format of traditional safes, fire safes usually come with more advanced organizational options. The basic design of a good fire resistive safe is a hollow sheet metal casing filled with fire resistive insulation.

Fire safes offer only baseline theft deterrence. Negotiable documents, cash, or jewelry should be stored in a good quality burglary and fire resistant safe . If your important records or documents are stored on microfiche, floppy diskettes, or other digital media, consider investing in a media cooler insert or separate media cabinet .

If theft deterrence isn't a consideration but fire protection is, consider investing in a fire-resistant filing cabinet . These cabinets offer excellent fire protection for your tax records, insurance policies, customer lists, etc.

Allied Safe professionals can assist you in determining what your needs are and the level of protection you require. To obtain more information about fire resistive products call us today or click the link provided below to request more information. An Allied Safe professional will promptly respond to your inquiry.

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Online Brochures (PDFs):
AMSEC Commercial Fire Rated Safes (350KB)

Buying/Owning Tip:

When selecting an area to place your safe ensure there is adequate lighting to view the combination dial or code entry buttons.

Customize your fire or media safe with:

  • locks
  • racks
  • trays
  • drawers