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Under Counter Safes

Limit excess cash register funds by providing short-term storage in an undercounter safe. These safes have an "anti-fish" (you can't "fish" them back out) deposit slot that allows deposit of checks or cash.

Securely installing the safe near the cash register limits exposed cash and reduces the threat of robbery and internal theft.

Undercounter safes are not meant for overnight storage of cash or valuable items. If overnight storage is desired, refer to floor safes, burglary safes, or composite safes.


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What our customers say:

"Your firm has consistently met our needs with innovative solutions. Allied Security and it's employees should be applauded for exemplary service and commitment to customer satisfaction."

Lewis Rumpler
Vice President/CFO
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Customize your safe with:

  • locks
  • shelves
  • racks
  • trays
  • drawers

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